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    lvl 85 2nd age LI question

    Hi all,

    I couldn't quite pull it together from the extensive player help guide above.

    So I am now lvl 85. I am not up for the crazy grind involved with getting a 1st age lvl 85 staff (LM), so I am aiming for 2nd age 85.

    Basically pls tell me if I have this right:

    -I need a tarnished symbol of celebrimbor
    -I need a crest of rohan
    -I need ingots/whatever material my staff needs
    -optionally I need food to cause a guilded eastemnet crafter to make it for me with better critical

    1) So tarnished symbol, I get that from skirmishes, like 400 medallions AND thousands of marks. Someone mentioned we don't do this at random, but you get just enough of both by doing all the T1 Erebor instances. Did he mean skirmishes? If I got just rohan questpack does that mean I cant get these medallions the easy way?

    2) Crest of Rohan I can only get at random doing the three warbands Burgub(?) Kramp etc. (How many days should this take to find?)

    3) So once I buy the symbol and the crest and get the materials I go to Trade channel and ask for a guilded eastemnet weaponsmith who has the required position in their guild??

    And this process, I repeat it for my LM book?

    Thanks for your patience,

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    Crafting the LI's don't crit, so you don't need any food or extra materials for a better attempt. You just get the same base item regardless. After the fact, you can apply scrolls/crystals for better stats, but those are found in game and added later... they have nothing to do with what is needed to craft and/or obtain the item.

    1. The symbols can drop from raid skirmishes, bugud/kramp, some festivals, loot boxes, etc... or you can barter them directly from the skirmish vendors.

    2. Crest of rohan should also be at the skirmish camp. Additionally, these drop from crafting nodes in Rohan. If you want a higher chance at finding one, do your professions crafting instances every day. I usually get one a day if I farm all the nodes I pass.

    3. Pretty much. Its polite to tip as they are using their time, repairs, and a week long CD that they can't use the recipe for afterwards.
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    Cool LIs

    Quote Originally Posted by Ilix View Post
    Basically pls tell me if I have this right:

    -I need a tarnished symbol of celebrimbor, YES
    You can win one in Skirmish RAID, or do any instance lv85 1-12 mans for marks, Meds and barther for one at skirm camp
    -I need a crest of rohan, YES
    You can get one out ANY crafting node while gathering ( around 1 out of 200 nodes) or from warbad or at AH around 15G
    -I need ingots/whatever material my staff needs, YES
    Staff are from woodworker and require 4 reinforced wood plank

    And this process, I repeat it for my LM book? YES

    I also want to point out that you also want the legacie you prefer, 1 Scroll of delvin for level 60 to 70, a dozen scroll of empowerment, about 20k shards for the melded relics, a dozen T7 - T9 relics, a LI title from stangard 50 Ridermark tokens and 3 crystals

    Thats about all you need

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    And the LM Staff is made by woodworkers, not weaponsmiths. And the books are made by scholars. So you know who to ask for.

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    For your staff you'll need (as mentioned above) a symbol, crest, 5 legendary fragments, and misc wood products. Typically the symbol, crest and fragments are the most costly ingredients. Options for all the above are also to look in the ah or to check to see if anyone is selling in your server's trade or glff channel (on my server a lot of business happens in glff). Prices fluctuate but today I saw crests for as low as 5.5g and symbols for 30g. keep in mind, it may be more cost effective to grind profession mats for a couple of hours than to spend marls/medallions but as soon as you start running lvl 85 instances that are being farmed, these come pretty easily. Finally, don't despair! Your 2nd age will come pretty easily once you spend some time at lvl cap.

    If you are on brandywine I'd be happy to craft your staff for you at no charge if you have a symbol, crest and fragments.

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    Also with U11 this stuff is Rep barterable in Wildermore.

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    For a Level 85 Second Age LI you need:
    - A Tarnished Symbol of Celebrimbor: You can get this from Skirm camp for Marks+Meds, from AH for Gold or from Level 85 Raids/Warbands for Time (lootboxes and other random stuff may also yield one, but that's far less reliable)
    - A Crest of Rohan: Again you can get this from Skirm camp, AH or from Warbands, but the most common source are crafting nodes (you need to be at Eastemet level with a gathering profession for that)
    - A max guilded Eastemet crafter of the relevant profession (e.g. woodworker for staff)
    - The other materials (wood/iron, fragments) are pretty cheap to get and usually provided by the crafter

    If you want to get things from skirmish camp you can get marks+meds mostly from scaled group instances. Solo skirmishes and Warbands are an option too, but will take a while.
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