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    Quote Originally Posted by Witch0King View Post
    It seems SB made a freep out of ya Barru , but yeah, Back when freeps were really OP like before audacity when they were running with ToO armor DoG could still send em home packin'

    Best focus will win you the fight unless the other team manages to counter it. Winkey can heal for 6 men alone, so getting him in a freep group is almost like an insta loss for the creep group
    Only a little. I still creep when numbers are skewed, or when i feel like going on warg.

    Quote Originally Posted by DaxMaxtor View Post
    And who's tellirg you all this? I was about to call you a Raidbaby but according to Vic's favorite goto http://dailystats.theblackappendage....oday?w=Gladden we never see you in the moors.

    For those of us that actually play in the Moors , RvR's are few and far between and rarely even.

    also, according to your post history, especially pre-U10, perhaps your jape should read "A Bridge to cross the river WE QQd up"?
    Well, i try to solo when possible, i know some creeps have witnessed that. But i also work full time, play creep, level my alts and play my account on e. So i guess all my eggs in that basket aren't enough to gain a place there. Ain't a big deal to me.

    When i have played there have been raids. I can't attest to every day though.

    I'll give you that, but I've always QQd

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    Creeps did well last night even with the outnumber buff, so it can be done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buckeyes2009 View Post
    Creeps did well last night even with the outnumber buff, so it can be done.
    I cannot say much because I didn't stay long, but yeah, hats off to the creep group and shame on freeps.

    At least when I was in the moors freeps had 3 or 4 groups separated and all getting wiped over and over.
    Mellar@Gladden, DOTH Hunter.

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    I had to dig this back out for entertainment reasons. Originally posted in March, not much has changed. I still maintain that pvp in this game is BROKE.

    With that said, I've discovered ways to make what's broke fun and challenging for me.

    Let's forget the fact that the entire Class thing on Freeps are seriously skewed where we have melee classes (Guardian/Tank, Champions) who spend more time sprinting away from battles than actually meleeing, and when they do fight, they kit and do substantial damage by pew pewing with their Bows.

    A CC class that can out tank a tank by spaming water lore and can crit for over 10k damage?

    This is why most 1v1ing at GTA turn into gank fest.. There's always those 1v1 farmers who have to show up with their win buttons and stacked traits primed to go.

    Now I could go down the list but there are others who know a lot more than I who can give even better examples of how skewed freep and creep side are now and how versatile any Freep class can be compared to the limited Creeps.

    The good news is that in most (not all) cases, the OP/Win button on Freep is limited to those who are in the know. If it weren't for the lower rank/audacity Freeps that come out, I'd never get a kb.

    Hate the game not the player.. If those uber mechanics didn't exsist, then most people playing this game wouldn't be coming out to a pvp zone to start with. I've never understood it but most egos bruise easily in these type of games and Turbine has certainly figured that one out by designing the pay to win option (hence, buy a Warden).

    I've even broke down and bought a couple of Creep classes but for the opposite reason.. I am certainly finding the Warg challenging and yes I suk at it even worse than my FReaver. It is probably the most challenging class to play in pvp at this time. However, challenging players isn't paying the bills. That's why you see a lot more Wardens, RKs and LMs in the moors than Wargs..

    Now again, don't hate the player, hate the game. If not for those who pay, I wouldn't be posting here today or enjoying being the underdog that Creeps are these days. In spite of their advantages, Freeps do get incapacitated by the inferior Creeps on a daily basis.

    Now for something I will cry about. STOP AUTO FLIPPING KEEPS.

    The basic premise to the PVP in this game is a "Capture the Flag" scenario. There is nothing worse that fighting for and capturing a Keep to just have it Auto Flip back in five minutes.

    While not PvP centric, I understand the grinds. That's how this game pays its bills. You want us to purchase something to get to a competitive lvl, I get that but give us some resemblance to real pvp and don't be the mom who took our captured flag away from us and gave it back to her spoiled child?

    Yea, this game is broke more than ever but I'm sure enjoying it as much as ever..

    PS: Oh, and I love it when complete landscapes disappear, OP or Keep walls don't exist. I think we may have a rendering problem?
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    Ronnug - The Blueberry Reaver on Gladden
    I don't feel a thing when dieing ingame. The only time I really mind is when the rez is on the other side of the map.


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