Mae Govannen, Greetings and Well Met!

Aiding The Return Of The King is a kinship for those who wish to roleplay and immerce themselves in all things Tolkien! But with the added benifit of using emotes, (we will not chide you for using in your wording!) And welcome all who might not be familar with the whole roleplaying concept, but have an eagerness to learn!
We enjoy and participate in all aspects of the game, from skirmishes to enjoying a relaxing day by the pond fishing!

We will soon have a Falathlorn Kinship home and are pleased to offer rentable Elven homes in that neighborhood to qualifying members!!

Come join us as we Aid the return of the King!! Let us fullfill out purpose together

To contact us, please visit our Facebook page and send me an e-mail, or send an in-game letter to Arwenzoeth where we will set a time and place to meet.

Thank you and looking foward to hearing from you soon!!