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    Horse-Lords Bulletin Board

    Thought I'd create a thread where people on Crick can post their Horse-Lords recipes for trade and what they would like in return. My hopes were that if people knew what was available maybe we could make some trades happen...

    I have a Medium Shoulders recipe and Agility Necklace Recipe for trade. Currently looking for a Might Wrist or Pocket.

    Viva Lotro!

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    I have a Horse-Lords Tome of Fate Recipe (Pocket recipe, it has a fate+agi output) and a Agile Bracelet of the Horse-Lords Recipe. -They both dropped off random lvl 85 crafting instance mobs.

    I'm looking to trade for Might and Vitality stuff
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    Still unlucky in my HL hunt. Will pay 700 gold for a Will horselords bracelet recipe.
    Merlinros - Brandywine

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    What about adding a small section to this thread telling what recipes dropped in what instance (maybe even off which mob if you could remember). I've heard they drop only in the crafting instances off the bosses, yet then i hear 'ohh, i got one off of some random goblin in StHt...'

    Maybe this idea will help us farm out a few more recipes to trade around with each other

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    Edited my other post with that info. We should try and make people aware of this thread so those playing on different timezones have chances to trade too. Link it in glff whenever you can

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    Horse Lords Agility Pocket

    I have a Horse Lords Agility Pocket (dropped from Bells Random mob) looking for Might n Vitality..... Send me an in game tell or mail.. Also will trade FA's or Gold for Vit, Might recipes.



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