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    please help me be a better hunter

    Please share with me how I can get stopped calling a &&&&&&&. I'm level 68 and I stink I play so much and I stink!!! I thought as a range class I should concentrate on agility instead of more armour value and I was called &&&&&&& for that since I was a target assist and I kept dying so others died since it was my job to watch out for crushing tenticals in the watcher. Then I got called &&&&&&& because I pulled aggro in skumfil but I waited till the enemy.morale was like 1/4 bar down then I attacked. Those are 2 examples but every time I join something people are pretty fed up and usually its me. Here's what I do: I wait for tank to get aggro. I don't use Aoe's unless I'm told. I follow target assist. Or if I'm target assist I do what the leader says. But it's not working out please I would appreciate very much if anyone could give me tips? Please roalso could you tell me how much morale I should have because I was told I shouldn't have 3k by now also can you please suggest which armour I should be wearing maybe I can buy it. Thank you.
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    Well whoever the tanks are that you are running with, are terrible. You shouldn't have to wait more than 5 seconds in any instance for the tank(s) to get aggro. If you're stealing aggro after that, then that just means they're doing a bad job.

    Honestly, if you have questions about how to do instances since you're a target assist, go on lotro-wiki and look it up. Or just search the mechanics of the raid you're doing on the internet. There are plenty of sites out there that can give adequate information about raids/instances.

    For your level, I would suggest getting either crafted gear around your level, or get the 65 armor sets (forgot where off-hand). But for being a level 68 having 3k morale is perfectly fine, so don't listen to anyone telling you you're not doing the right thing. It has been quite a while since I leveled my hunter from a low level, so I don't know what might have changed. But this is the best advice I can give you based on my personal experiences.
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    First of all, I am in no way a good hunter, i am pretty much in the same boat as you. I am quite successful in raids, but I still do make mistakes (especially when i am sleepy), so take everything below with a grain of salt.

    a) there are 2 emphasis for DPS hunters, physical mastery (max Agility and Physical mastery at all cost) or the critical build. PM builds deals more consistent damage, and thus are easier to control agro (no worries about having too many devastates in a row and causing the tank to lose agro)... while critical builds see really big numbers (personally i prefer the critical build, because i really like to see big numbers).. reminder, they are not mutually exclusive, just because you have high crit ratings, doesn't mean your PM has to suffer.... you can also max both PM and Crit, they are not completely mutually exclusive until the point where you need to trade fate for agility or crit ratings for PM ratings... (p/s crit builds tends to suicide when they encounter enemies with reflect damage), (my own personal target for my hunter is +20% crit chance and +80% physical damage)

    b) if you have a whisper-draw tome equipped and you are in endurance stance (and even had one of the threat reducing chants on..) ... and you did auto attack/quick shots only for the first 30 seconds or so.. and you still got agro.. the problem is not with you... it's with the tank... anyway, if you do grab agro, quickly hit beneath notice (also stop dps-ing) and make a beeline to the tank.. he is supposed to grab agro off you... Occasionally i do purposely grab the add's agro.. usually from the minstrel/healers, (and being ranged helps in that aspect...) which i then try to kill the adds quickly or make a beeline to the tank/off-tank so that they can grab agro from me... (i feel that it is better for one of the DPS to die than to have the healer die )

    c) I cannot see your stats, so I cannot comment on it, you can however do a comparison of your stats against other hunters here at http://ttahvo.webatu.com/.. Personally i have my Agility, Vitality and Fate in a 6:2:1 ratio which I am already really heavy on vitality (unfortunately i don't really trust many of the tanks and healers i run with)... most hunters i observe have a 8:2:1 ratio.. ...p/s your LI is a wonderful source of Crit ratings/physical mastery, so remember to meld & craft some of the special relics in LIs you plan to use for a long time.

    d) regarding survivability, i find that higher tactical mitigation and vitality (which adds mitigation) is better than having raw morale. remember, you cannot evade/parry tactical damage, so many times, what kills you is not the physical attack but the tactical damage. personally if you are a raider, and you are not into solo contents, having a good tank is more important than having a large morale pool. (and see b) for agro management)

    e) AOEs are usually not appreciated, LMs really hates it if they had the group mezzed only to have someone do rain of arrows to break the mezz.. (there are situations where it's useful (eg tank having full agro over a large group of mobs, you can really deal a lot of damage that way).

    f) I usually play my hunter zoomed out, so usually it is me who calls out when the catapults start in BfE or when the adds come in in other instances. It's an experience thing, you may need to know what to expect so that you are ready to call out something when it happens, I've seen people playing melee classes who are fully capable of doing that, just that it may be slightly easier for a ranged class to do so.If it's your first time doing the raid or you are uncomfortable calling things out (which also includes the bosses' special attacks) politely decline and get someone else to do it. It's a very important role, and people get annoyed when the raid wipes just because someone missed out the call. (p/s voice or team speak is essential for this role... typing out the calls usually doesn't work, and just take too long.. ) (unless you have a predetermined short hand for the call)

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    First of all I'd say take a deep breath. Do not let what others are telling you ruin your game. Listen to what they have to say, but don't take it as the gospel truth. A lot of times people who, themselves, are doing a poor job are quick to seek blame on others and if it's not the tank or healer getting blamed... it's usually the hunter. If someone is giving you constructive feedback, however, try to be all ears - these people are normally trying to be helpful and may or may not realize the trouble you've had with others simply blaming you and calling you a bad hunter.

    All that aside, based on your post, I've noted a couple points...

    Sounds like you've done Watcher raid, that one can be a challenge for a PuG group and a lot of people are under the mistaken impression that if they are over level on the content... it's a faceroll. That particular raid (as with the majority of raids in this game) is not. If you're dying in that one, it is not your fault, but the fault of either the leader or fellow group members who are not listening or doing their job.

    That specific instance aside, by the sounds of it you are doing things correctly. But unless you're running with max level tanks and/or healers, try to consider that they're a bit out of their element and trying to adjust to their role. You don't always have to necessarily wait a long time to begin dps, but start small. Quick Shots and Barbed Arrow are usually a good starting point. Then work your way through your rotation up to Swift Bow and Pen shot when the tank seems to be comfortable holding the aggro. Don't be afraid to swap to Endurance, pop Quick Shot, and even hit Beneath Notice if you realize you've gotten the attention of the mob. It's not a quick aggro dump, but most tanks should have their forced taunt in reserve for "oh ****" moments like that to reestablish themselves (if you notice they're using something like Challenge to work their aggro from the start, go lighter on your DPS - it means they really don't have any of the necessary threat generated and likely anyone with high DPS/HPS will soon be... "tanking").

    Lastly, armour. At your level, I'd keep plugging along at leveling until you hit 75, then take a look at getting the Draigoch pieces (4,152 Marks and 1,432 Medallions for 4; 6,225 Marks and 2,148 Medallions for all 6 pieces). If you really wanted, the old 65 Mirkwood gear is available in the skirmish camps (Classic vendor - 3,654 Marks and 1,260 Medallions for all 6 pieces). But personally I'd wait and save marks/medallions until you reach a level (75) where the armour would last you a bit longer (to 85), but that's just me.

    I'm curious what server you're on, if it's Ark or Ridder I could pop in and inspect ya and give some more detailed feedback based on gear and weapons and the like if you were interested
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    first if you have issues with dying alot then I would check what virtues you are using and what level they are. For hunters having 10+ in the phys and tact mit virtues is a must if you like living and doing good dps. This becomes an even bigger issue as you get over 65 and start to put on gear that create a big stat imbalance and begin to turn you into a glass cannon. The higher you drive your agi the worse the imbalance typically gets. As an example when I leveled from 65 to 75 my morale did not rise much from what I had at 65. However, my dps went through the roof. You are at the point in leveling where that transition will occur. As a reference I recommend 7-8k phys mit and 4k- 5k tact mit after hitting 75. This is especially important if you want to survive being hit by multiple mobs.
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