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    Some fun skills i think reavers should have

    Ok i though of a few fun skills that reavers should have since there really hard to play now that brands have been nerfed
    most of these are just off the top of my head or basically taken from freep classes/races...to start off i know these will not get implemented but i think they would be fun to play with...

    1) Have a taste off your own medicine .... duration 1 minute /cooldown 5 minutes .... what this skill does when activated is reflect all cc cast at target back at caster (see told you that would be fun...even name is fun cause when your CC'd you cannot die fighting which is very annoying and seems anti pvp too me plus some off you need a taste of your own medicine :P)

    2)Play dead....basically a minstrel flop...

    3) Swords Wall ....basically like burglars knifes out..

    I look forward to getting a chuckle out of the flames i get for this thread :P ... No freeps were harmed in the making of this thread
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