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    Smile Can Hunters beat Runekeepers?

    Like the title says can hunters beat runekeepers? if they can what is like the best Move Combo to deal the most damage to them? and what moves should i most likely use against them personnally i beat a Runekeeper but now he beat me i want to start to beat him again any advice?

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    crit for more than my total morale
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    im only level 11

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    i mean 12

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    wait a few levels

    But seriously, the fact of whether you can beat another class is not a very good test at all, especially at lower levels.
    Each class has their plusses and minuses in 1v1 spars, and does not reflect how the class can perform its role in solo or group play.
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    Find a rare elite mob and see which of you can or cannot defeat it.
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    How will that show me who is gonna win the spar?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roxygingerz101 View Post
    How will that show me who is gonna win the spar?
    Technically it will not, but it will give you an opportunity to practice your skills against a more difficult opponent.

    Truth be told, a hunter probably won't beat a rk unless you can start from stealth and unload damage on them before they can heal/reciprocate the damage. Or if you find a rk that's clueless, lol. But, see my post in your other thread, this isn't something you'll really need to worry or fuss too much about.
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