Hi guys,

Some of you might have seen me recruiting in-game for my own kinship, called "Defenders of Valinor". I started this kin about 4 months ago, but for some reason it is still very, very small (and when I say that, I mean >40 members, even though it is almost rank 8 already).

Does anyone have some recruiting hints? I usually just send out a general message on the chat channels in bree, bree-land and sometimes archet, thorin's hall and ered luin.

I've also been thinking about leaving and joining another kinship if it doesn't improve soon. I am usually not a quitter, but since there is barely any social contact between members lately, I am seriously considering. If I would join another kin, I'd like to join one that's medium to large sized with kinship activities on a regular base, and where people actually talk on kin chat instead of just sitting there and minding their own business. Any suggestions? (please note that I still haven't decided if I'm gonna leave or not, don't try to recruit me - yet).

Thanks in advance,