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    Advice for mid range hunter

    Hey all! I was looking for some tips and stat comparisons for my lvl 56 hunter, currently I have
    714 agility
    443 vitality
    182 might
    152 fate
    119 will
    3897 morale
    2944 power

    I was told I had too much vit for a hunter and should focus more on agil, i'm pretty sure all of my gear has at least some bit of agility

    I currently have rain of thorns slotted for my Legendary trait, seeing that it is the most useful atm
    Am I in pretty good shape for a lvl 56 hunter? I'm not really having any problems with power and morale loss during fights, even with a revamp, i wanna try and become one of the better hunters on my server, so are there any tips or things i should watch out for to progress in my skill level?

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    Well I don't see anything wrong with your hunter. It depends on how you play it honestly.

    Agi is our main stat. That's a certainty, and that's the stat you should be looking for stacking, since it increases your offence powers, evade ratings, crit, etc.

    Second I would say, it's a matter of preferences.
    Most of the recent items have a focus on fate, finesse, crit rating, so many might tell you fate or more exactly critical rating is the second stat in term of importance.

    I differ.

    Because such build is very low on survivability. Yes as a ranger dps you're not supposed to be hit, but let's be realist, that will often happen, particularly with the mechanics of the last raids: The inferno flames in the battle for erebor hit all the raid, regardless of the aggro produced. The boss of the Fire of Smaugs regularly hits you regardless of the aggro on him if you're a t a certain range.
    So you will take a lot of damage, and that's why I think Vitality as our second most important stat. I'm seriously lacking in that domain. I'm close from the 6600 morale while the hunter of Ascension during the BfErebor T2 CM has 13k HP buffed...

    And last, your stat distribution will depend of the trait line you choose. The red line focus on crit multiplier, the blue line on mobility and induction time reductions. So you might figure which is the most dependent on the crit stat domain.

    tl, dr, it depends on how you play your hunter: a glass cannon nuker or not.
    Lvl 85 Hunter - Lvl 85 Champion - L 65 Captain

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    stats check

    I have a hunter alt so not much on that level yet... but here is a link to a site that I found useful just to see how my stats rank against the average by class/level.


    It does a pretty regular scrape of LOTRO server data for characters stats, armor, etc. My guard that leveled up last night had current stats this morning. (No BLOCK?! oh yeah, running with a 2H right now.)



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