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    Returning Hunter (Lvl 61) - Gearing Questions

    Hi Everybody -- I recently returned to the game after taking a long break from 2010. I've relearned most of what I forgot over the years but am quite confused on gearing since the level caps have been raised. I plan on taking my hunter to lvl cap; I currently am finishing up mirkwood to get to 65 and then I'll purchase the next expansion with my points.

    My hunter is currently in mostly great bow armor (Moria set). Am I fine to continue epic and normal quests and pick up rewards as I go or is there a cheaper/easier way to gear up my armor? Does it makes sense to purchase the lvl 65 skirmish armor?

    I also have a lvl 60 second age bow. I'm assuming I should hang on to that until I can get a lvl 65 third age?

    Sorry for all the questions; I can't seem to find a good updated guide with condensed information for me.

    Thanks in advance


    *EDIT - Heres a link if there any other suggestions for me: http://my.lotro.com/home/character/1...8138032283982/ *
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    Welcome back

    There's actually no real 'gear question' until you get to the cap at lvl 85. If you can get crit/guild crafted armour, great. Only questgear? Works fine as well.

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    If you have enough marks and medallions, what you could do is grab the 65 Mirkwood set. It's still a pretty good set (and now extremely easy to obtain). Then you can snag the Draigoch set at 75 when you get there (with either crafted, quest drops or the purple Orthanc head/shoulders) all the way on up to 85. Of course you can swap in any decent quest drops and the like on your way, but I've personally found that while using "outdated" sets may not be ideal, it makes you a little sturdier while leveling.

    As for bows, I'd try to change that every 5 levels or so to stay on pace. A 65 2nd age shouldn't be too hard to get your hands on, especially if you can craft one for yourself (or some nice kinnies can help ya out).

    Oh, and welcome back!
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