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    Removal of sub-forums on the main page

    I do not see how this can be considered a good idea. Some of the most active sections of this forum are sub-forums (such as individual class forums and server PvP forums), and there is now no direct way to access them or see if there are new posts from the main page (which, when load times on this forum are often long, is quite annoying). Meanwhile, there are forums such as Housing, Cosmetics, Roleplaying and Music System on the main page that have a fraction of the activity of the previously mentioned sub forums.

    Is there any chance of reverting this change, or making these sub-forums more accessible/visible in some way? I could quite easily see someone who is new to these forums not realising there are sub-forums for each class at all, and the new layout is rather inconvenient for those of us that do.
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    I agree, though note that there is a dropdown for most of the subforums at the top of the page.

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    Agreed. Having the line of sub-forums on the index page is useful.



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