Greetings Firefoot,

For all those interested, Revelations is seeking experienced, raiding Guardians and Lore-masters. We're primarily a small PvMP and end-game raiding kinship who've been on Firefoot for years.

If you're a raid experienced Lore-Master or Guardian any of our officers: Belegg (myself), Balbaroy, Nasty, Helly, Bammy or Thulock would love to hear from you about recruitment, or to address any other questions you might have.

We prefer to limit our raiding team to a manageable, small number to allow for closer connections as well as consistency from one run to the next, so we'll require running a number of 6 man and raids prior to recruitment to assess a proper fit for the kin.

Once again if you have any questions feel free to field them to myself or any of our other officers, I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you all in game!