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Seriously, both sides complain all the time. Creeps complain there's no freeps or they're farming them but just today I brought out a 6man against 6+ wargs, and Tempest and what did we end up with? All of them running away (While in their own keep [lugz]) to go screw off with the noobs at Lugz rez... (<< The very thing most QQ about LOLOLOLs).

Stop QQing, please its getting old. You want better PvP? How about get better, stop hugging rezzes and come have an open field fight.
Bam, the only reason we left lugs is because there was another group around EC. I think it was me and Fidel who killed you and Agonize in lugs, lol. We were letting &&&& go, as you should know, but we didn't end up at EC for no reason. Come talk to me because I do <3 some Cela love.