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    Talking Pets for more classes yes or no?

    I would like pets for the other classes like Hunter and alittle bit a Mini sooo we can have some pets to help out and for a Hunter i would like a taming skill too like World of Warcraft did. what is your opinion? yes or no to pets for more classes?

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    I disagree. Taming animals doesn't really fit the lore. Don't get me wrong, I never minded that skill in WoW, but just don't think it's good for LOTRO. Besides we have landscape skirm soldiers and hundreds of other players to give you a hand. You should be fine without any.

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    Lore masters (and Captains) are different from other classes BECAUSE they have pets... If you give everyone else pets then all classes would become the same. The game has way more replayability when the classes are actually different.


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    It's been debated before, and generally the answer is no.
    While I've got no objection to it, it's not really needed and I probably wouldn't use one.

    Note: Please, anyone who uses a pet, put put them back in their cages when you come to town, it's annoying to see already sometimes crowded vaults and AH's full of various beasties, and it drives my Hunters delicate senses crazy.

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    I would like a pet hobbit for my reaver.

    Burzan aka Trompok(BW) - R14 Reaver
    Looks like meat's back on the menu boys!

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    And the answer is


    Just one word, No! Reason, well many, but the most importain one being, LAG big time if everyone had pets running around and trying to craft would be a nightmare to boot!

    TTYL :-)

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    As everyone else said, no. However, I would like a non-combat dog as a companion.



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