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    Song of Restoration, no longer improved

    Fine, so no more dread in the game. Therefore, obviously, the dread removal skill is no longer needed. Alright. However, it would have been more useful to put the Minstrel skill more on-par with the similar Lore-Master skill, yes? Apparently not. "Improved" Song of Restoration only removes 1 Disease, Wound, Poison or Fear up to strength 85 (at level 85).

    In contrast the Lore-Master skill removes up to 3 Disease or 3 Wound up to strength 90 (at level 85). Even my Champ's fear removal is 3 up to strength 90 (at level 85).

    My question why, at the very least, does our skill not remove up to strength 90? In the end game content, a removal up to strength 85 is pointless and useless. I'm better off using one of my own pots on someone than bothering with Song of Restoration.
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    It's a bug and will be fixed in next update.



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