"Sometimes in life, there comes a moment when you find yourself alone. I always dreamed that none should have to feel alone, and that's why I formed the Milestone. A kinship that welcomes everyone with an open heart and always has a room for one more lonely adventurer!" - Hugo Milestone

Hail each and everyone of you!
First I would like say that the Milestone kinship is not newly formed. I formed the kinship almost 3 months ago, but due to my father passing away,which led me being absent, the kinship fell apart.(To old members who left, my apologies)
But luckily enough members joined and abandoned their characters to the kin, and the rank just go higher and higher!
So in few weeks the kinship is Rank 7 and gets a house, and I really want to bring the kinship back!

To tell you something about the kin:
Medium to Heavy RP
Rank 6 (2 weeks and Rank 7)
And all remaining members absent which really mean that the kin is empty!

We cherish the value of friendship and that's why we focus to make everyone's time on our kin memorable.
Our kinship has it's own "Societies" for different classes. This way all the classes have it's own individual place in the kinship and everyone feels special and not just "one among others". And each society has their own Society Leader.

Right now when the kinship is "back on again", the Society Leaders seat's are available. So if you are interested of leading your own Society and you posses the leading spirit, this is a kinship for you! Also the look for Society members is ON !(ofc)

Check out our website for more information, and look me in the game to join! (Gendall)

No more " I don't know half of my kinship members"-feeling!