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    Heroic Mythicman part II

    Bravely, with not a thought to their own safety, they all descend on the Rank 2 Reaver. Mythicman piles on the Burning Embers, gleefully looking on from 30 metres, as row upon row of DoTs are on his target now. Multitudes of Epic Conclusions strike down from the very stars themselves in a blinding light. The Reaver is close to death, unable to move as he has been rooted and stun locked for the whole duration. Mythicman yells over Vent “I’m coming in”, as he gets in range he unleashes Ents go to War. The Reaver has perished, dying like a coward, not even getting off one skill. Mythicman feels elation, he checks his combat log, omg, omg I got the KB..”I GOT THE KB” he yells over vent. The others listen on but are not merely as impressed, as their glorious leader steals their KB. Some feel a pang of guilt for ganking the Reaver, but like a burp, this soon passes.
    Mythicman then looks to the south, he has to squint in the sunlight, but yes, he sees a horde of Creeps. He sees a group of Warleaders and BA’s in a circular formation guarding what looks to be a Defiler in their centre. He panics and yells out orders to his whole raid to line up in front of him to repel the oncoming onslaught. He summons his mount and tells his raid he will protect their rear flank, from inside EC. The 4 new Minis glance at each other again and again raise an eyebrow.

    The veterans prepare for battle. He manages to get to EC before he could hear any battle behind him. He dismounts at the entrance to the Delving, keeping out of line of sight of the entrance to EC. He quickly and expertly opens the LOTRO store and buys every combat potion they have. He frantically types into GLFF that the Creeps have a zerg out and that they need more to come to the Moors and EC right now.

    One of his raid, a veteran Mini, calls out over Vent, “Mythicman, that’s just the Reaver we killed sitting in the Rez pad surrounded by the one shotters…dumb@ss”.

    To be continued…

    Excerpt from Book 1 of this Epic LOTRO storyline
    More of this epic non-fiction story line to come.
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    So much creeprage means that I can only do one thing....


    /salute Mythicman
    "...FF is still the best server period, its like the Texas of Lotro"-Bace

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    Quote Originally Posted by doug01 View Post
    So much creeprage means that I can only do one thing....


    /salute Mythicman
    Its completely tongue in cheek. Its only a game. Nothing personal (ish). Mythicman knows how to play his LM llke no other on Firefoot and probably better than most others on other servers too. Respect to him and stop blowing my noob butt up in 2 seconds flat.

    There will be Freep based storylines in the epic saga too for reporting balance. If anyone has any particular Creep or Freep based stories from Firefoot it would be fun to read them. Thought the forums here needed something to liven it up a bit.

    Freeprage is also allowed.

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    My question is why did you make a ftp account and post this, and not from your real one?

    What is there to hide from..
    Rk 8 Warg, Rk 8 Spider, Rk 7 Reaver, Rk 7 BA, Rk 6 WL, Rk 6 Def
    Rk 8 Burg, Rk 8 Hntr, Rk 7 Champ, Rk 7 Mins, Rk 6 Guard, Rk 4 LM

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    I'd say cool story bro...but...I can't

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    Quote Originally Posted by bennyw2784 View Post
    I'd say cool story bro...but...I can't
    BW (Guest Starring)

    Just sayin...

    Also, I need my PvP ganker back. I feel bad killing anything out there right now.

    And I need someone to run PvE content with Rys and me.
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