has Powerful Friends
We are a R10 Kinship with a Large Player Base of All Classes, Races, and Levels.
All Ages, & Classes Welcome.
We have our own Web-page located at m
where we maintain a Calendar of Events{Virtue & Slayer Deed Runs in Fellowship}
We do many RAIDS, Instances, and Skirmishes{All Areas of Middle-Earth). We Have Our Own Dedicated MUMBLE Server for In-Instance Chat.
Many of Us are Running in Ettenmoors (Come and Join in for Hunting Down Creeps)
We even have a "Clan" just for Creeps "has Powerful Enemies"
Help Topics for Various Classes to Help You Advance Your Character and get the Most out of Your Class.
We have Grand-Master Guild Craftsmen in All Vocations to Help You with Your Gear, or just to Help You Level-Up Your Crafting Expertise.
We are User Friendly, Courteous, and Have Lots of FUN Playing LOTRO, so come on Over and give Us a Try.
Please send a IM, or Mail-a-Message to:
Lavadoc (Lord of the Kin), Manwin (Successor of Kin), Eneirfi (Officer), Conair (Officer)