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    Starting My First Captain

    Well... nearly my first character, actually. I have a Champion on Landroval, but I've been gone from the game for 2 years, and I never got past level 28. So I'm looking to start fresh, and basically jump in as if it's my first time, all over again.

    So, I'm on Laurelin now. I'm Level 6, and fresh out of the Introduction. I'm a Premium player, with a lot of Quest Packs from expansion preorders and sale purchases, giving me a straight shot to 75 via questing content. I work a weird schedule for a US-based player, and tend to play either from 1-3am EST and 11am-2pm EST, hence my move to Laurelin. So unless I fall in with an EU kinship, I expect to be solo-ing a lot. That said, I do have an interest in grouping, and want to be of use, hence my class choice.

    That's the end of my background and desires. I'm basically looking for advice on how to build and play a Captain for a smooth leveling experience while aiming myself for Group/Instance usefulness as I progress. I've skimmed over the Captains Resource thread, and most of what I see is for Endgame builds, atm. MMOrsel, which was my source of info back in the day no longer posts new material. I'm kinda at a loss and don't want to "screw up". Thanks, in advance.

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    There are two "captain roundtable" podcasts on CSTM, that try to explain the basics of being a captain. The second can be found here: http://casualstrolltomordor.com/2012/02/episode129/. The first one is a little outdated now and might be somewhat confusing for you at this point, but it does have some very solid points about being a captain too. Both can ideally be listened to while you play and can check skill descriptions and other stuff directly ingame.

    To bring up some fast cliffnotes from my experience:
    -When solo, the herald does help to provide someone to use brother skills upon, and he can take care of some offtanking if needed
    -Since our killspeed is not that good, going for as much dps as possible by traiting down the red line might help
    -Since we use might now as a primary stat, equipments choices are much easier
    -It will take a time for us to get enough attacking skills for a dps skill rotation, and in the meantime you should avoid having to autoattack because all other skills are on cooldown by making every second attack being defensive strike

    Soloing with a captain takes some time, but it rarely should get dangerous. You wear heavy armor, and get heals gated behind a defeat event.

    When you join groups, you should familiarise yourself with one of the primary captain duties, which is buffing the group with motivating speech and each individual with either the crit or the parry buff (had a captain in a 40ish fornost group yesterday with my little minnie who had to be reminded of that first). You should also aim for using banners instead of heralds for groups, but keeping up with new banners while leveling can be a little annoying. However, heralds are rather unreliable in groups as they can easily die , at which point the will not provide any buffs at all. In groups, you should also take care of more healing than when you solo.
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    Welcome to the brotherhood of Captains! Cappy's are great fun to play. Survivability is great, dps is mediocre (not great, but not horrible). I didn't die until I got the Last Stand skill and was experimenting to see how low my health could get before I could pop it. (tip: Don't wait until you have 10 health, that's too late :P)

    At low levels, the heralds are a great help and the first traits you get are for heralds, so that works out nicely. When your level is in the 30's, heralds have diminishing returns and you'll want to trait away from them.

    Most of your big dps skills are gated behind War Cry and there's a trait that lowers the cooldown of it. Grab it as soon as you can.

    Cappys really shine in groups. Our buffs make everyone better. The whole point of the heralds is to give us some of that even when we solo. Also go ahead and pull several mobs at once. Several skills are gated behind defeat responses, and the extras from pulling multiple mobs makes you stronger.
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    Here is a pretty good guide for starting out.

    You can also find a lot of other guides and advice in the captain library located here and across several posts.

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    Thanks a lot, guys. I'm still reading/listening through all the info given out.

    So far, it's been fun being a Captain. Not quite as fast as my Champion, but my downtime is almost nonexistent, so I think it's balancing out so far. Only died once, and that's because i got caught between a group of 2 mobs, an Elite, and a wandering add who came up behind me at lvl 9. Since I got my herald, it's not even come close to being an issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barachiel View Post
    So far, it's been fun being a Captain. Not quite as fast as my Champion, but my downtime is almost nonexistent,
    The only downtime I've known so far on my leveling captain was due to power problems. These are nonexistant since U10, but I don't expect it to remain that way. They will tune down the insane ICPR from fate in one of the next patches/hotfixes.
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