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    Minstrel re: settings

    Ok folks looking for a little help and advice for DPS after this updated.

    What relics - gems - runes do you have slotted.

    After slotting my setting (some w/fate) - it just seems some of my DPS have been decreased from what it was
    from before.
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    I'm assuming you're asking in regards to healing LIs? My three relics are: Riddermark Setting of Will (+27 Will, +598 Physical Mastery Rating, and +598 Tactical Mastery Rating), True Gem of the Rising Moon (+35 Vitality, +646 Physical Mastery Rating, +646 Tactical Mastery Rating, +147 in-Combat Power Regen) on my book and Eastemnet Gem of Charity (+182 Tactical Mitigation, +808 Tactical Mastery Rating, +310 Maximum Power) on my sword, and Eastemnet Rune of Power (+182 Physical Mitigation, +646 Physical Mastery Rating, +646 Tactical Mastery Rating, +30 Fate) on both.

    I've been trying to up my vit lately, hence the Rising Moon gem. Otherwise, priority was given to Tactical Mastery, Will, and Mitigation, in that order. Fate & in-Combat Power Regen are useless right now, but might be more important later, depends on how they tweak it. I ran really, really low on shards, but eventually got all the relics I wanted.

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    Since 'Call to War' legendary gives you + 100% critical multiplier on call skills and with the new critical magnitude enhancement of critical rating, i would seriously try to rank in as much crit as possible if you're going for pure DPS - i find relics a great source of it.

    My picks are:
    1. Setting: True Setting of the Ages OR True Setting of the North.
    2. Gem: Red Agate Gem of.. (i would go endurance).
    3. Rune: Eastemnet Rune of Power OR True Rune of the White Mountains OR 'new relic with ~300morale/300power/ -2,5%AD'.

    Choose according to your needs.
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