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Thread: Flying mounts!

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    Lightbulb Flying mounts!

    I am believe that the next step in the world of lord of the rings is ( FLYING MOUNT)
    so for I see only 2 mount I can say fit in lord of the rings
    1:eagle.(because of Gandalf's eagle saving him from the tower)in the movie (the twine towers)
    2:dragon. (sermon's servant's used dragons in the movies so why not in master play.

    OR flying war mounts
    full of skills base of your class.


    give me ur thoughts if u agree or disagree and tell me why.

    after all lord of the rings use's flying mounts in the movie The hobbit.

    if not for normal mount travel, then for monster play mounts.

    second idea a new monster play map base on flying mounts with there own class's.
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    Not sure if serious here, but if you are, just think for a minute about the ramifications.

    Horses are mounts because they serve that function in Tolkien's lore, they are there to serve their masters... However, Eagles are not mastered, but are free creatures that can come and go as they please. Sure, they carry people on occasion but only when dire need arises. They cannot be summoned at the whim of every person in Middle Earth just because they are lazy and don't want to ride a horse!

    How many eagles are there? Certainly not enough to carry every single person who plays the game. I personally would hate to see the end game battles where everyone is flying just because of the obvious advantage it would have over regular war horses.

    Lastly, the battles in the books are mostly on horseback, and there is no mention of anyone fighting from an eagle.

    To conclude: It will never happen.

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    I would have to disagree. For everyday game play, I think it would ruin the experience. IMO, that is not what the game is about. To have a flying eagle/dragon/mount would take LOTRO in a direction that has nothing to do with the actual story. I shudder to think of the Noobs flying around. Yikes!! :-p
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    Oh, this thread again.

    Also, no.
    The navigation throughout the LotRO site is horrible. You can quote me on that.
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    I'd buy it.

    I have posted my reasons in some of the other 500 threads about the subject.
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    no thnx, really don't want it...
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    This thread is beeing posted far more times than i recall, but i also recall that we got answered that pegasus & rainbow bridges have not part on middle earth. It is not going to happen.
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    Please, in the name of everything you call 'holy' can't we leave this over-flogged dead horse alone.


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    Kind of odd that.

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    That is why we do not have flying mounts in lotro


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    Flying mounts????? In LOTRO???? No no no that is just plain wrong. Whilst they may work in a certain other online game, I don't see how it has a place here, even though it would cool. Now a sledge with a bunch of furry rabbits, now that would be cool .

    Edit: I was only joking about the rabbits thing



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