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    European players on the NA servers?

    If possible I would like to know how big European gamer population is on the North American servers. Is there a lot EU kinships on the NA servers since I am from Europe and I find it really frustraiting that there doesn't seem to be people logged on while I am playing? I know, it's my fault that I first didn't know that server was former US server but at that time it was recommended when I started playing lotro. I used to enjoy the friendly population of my server but recently I have found it really lonely on the server. I would be very happy if some fellow EU players from any NA server can answer. considering that here even is other Europeans on the NA servers. Well, I have been thinking switching to Brandywine since I have read that you can't transfer your toons from former US server to former EU server.
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    I do not know if there are any European kins on Firefoot but I am from Germany, and member of a North American kin...Yes, sometimes it's a bit lonely in the early afternoon but normally all my kinmates show up later in the evening (that is European evening...:-) But in case you wanna hook up, put me as friend and then we take it from there...

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    Well, the kin Stormcrows has a British leader, but I don't think the actual kin is all European.

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    I am from Europe, however my Kinship isn't an european one, but that haven't really bothered me, all I have meet so far, kinsmen and non-kin are all friendly, helpfull and just amazing people, so it is easy finding others to fellow up with, and only one of them I group with everyday, is european.

    But feel free to IM me, if there is anything you either are missing, wants or need help to and I'll see, what I can do.

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    I understand you... I'm EU gamer too, but a lots of kinship we're I'm played was most North American.
    Anyway the EU player in Firefoot are presents (and are lots!) but are sorted by US kinship

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    I am an officer on a kin and am in europe we have a couple people from europe and are currently looking to find a strong player base in Europe and in america that can hopefully communicate together occasionally and run events together when time is needed. Really our goal is to be running raids weekly in each time zone with no obligations to join as long as you make an effort to be a part of the kin in someway.

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    Am from Europe, ingame name is Persevest

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