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    Isn't it about time to get guild status for secondary crafting skills?

    I'm sure many of us feel this way...
    You advance all the way in your primary tradeskill so that you can gain access to those coveted guild recipes. You also do all the grinding to get your secondary tradeskill as I high as it can be... but you can't craft the guild recipes.
    I personally find this very unsatisfactory! I think it's about time that we should be able to gain membership of multiple trade guilds, so for example an armoursmith could be in the Metalsmith and Tailoring guilds and have access to the top recipes for both!
    Surely this must be "on the cards" by now? It's so unsavoury that we've ground our guts out to get mastery in the top tiers, when you can't get recognition for one of the guilds that you've mastered! Come on game developers... give it us!

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    Many people trade guild services with their kinmates and friends for items they can't access. Others roll up alt toons just for crafting. Guild recipes have no level limit, and for the most part no faction reputation gating access, so lowbie alts can still make all the guild recipes in most tiers. (Lothlorien guild recipes are the only faction rep gated guild recipes, although there are plenty of non-guild recipes in Mirkwood and higher areas that are rep gated.)

    And watch out for all the Woodsmen and Explorers should they add the ability to join a second craft guild, unless they also add Prospecting, Forestry, and Farming guilds. Those professions only have one guild they can join anyway, and players in those professions might feel screwed over if you gave everyone else the ability to join two guilds.

    So no, I wouldn't support this change.
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