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    Improved Distracting Shot: Not so improved?

    When the Rohan update came out, I was super-excited to see that we got a new skill: Improved Distracting shot! Lowers threat greatly when used. It was pretty much the #1 thing I had been wanting to see for hunters since I started playing the game. I hadn't really touched it much until recently since I took a bit of a break from the game, but after testing with it a bit it seems absolutely worthless at reducing threat. I've found that it seems to reduce my threat by the value of about one non-critical hit. Not to mention it has a decent induction so it can't really be used on the fly if you pull something. It just makes me wonder what the purpose of changing the skill was if the threat reduction does, essentially, nothing. If it was on a 10-second cooldown or something the threat reduction would be fine, but for a 3-minute cooldown I'd expect it to at least have something relatively substantial or worth using! So, thoughts?

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    I agree, I honestly can't notice the difference between firing it or not firing it. Then again, I have no complaints with the one or two kin tanks I usually run with, so an additional threat down skill is rarely needed for me.

    So, do I use it? No. Do I think it's worth using? ...I guess....
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    I dunno, I personally notice the difference. It doesn't drop my aggro enough to never pull again, but it takes a decent amount of time to generate the aggro back.
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