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    Path of Trapper: actually using traps

    So I asked on the forums earlier how people would change the Trapper of Foes traitline. Just out of curiosity, how do you guys think they could essentially continue to focus on traps, yet still make the traitline viable?

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    I think including a wider variety of traps (not crafted, just native skill traps) and scaling the damage on the current ones may help to make the line a bit more viable. Two or three traits focus on the traps themselves but they improve &&&&&& traps into slightly less but still incredibly &&&&&& traps.
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    Short version:

    I would like to see a global effect called eg. "Improved Traps", granted not by several traits themselves but as a bonus from stacking several Yellow traits. No need to introduce new traps or remove/expand crafted versions in this model - just upgrade them in the same way Overpower changes how specific Guardian skills work.

    The difference between such approach and current "get X traits for X small bonuses" is you are not limited by the number of traits and can freely expand Trap mechanics to make it a powerful tool *for one traitline only* so it cannot be unbalancing addition to high DPS builds.

    Long version: here

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    My recommendation would be to not have them all operate off of the same cooldown timer. Something like food; where there are three different varieties, and one of each can be active at a time.

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    that's a good idea @cavedweller, although that might make it impossible to ever get near a hunter. there has to be a middle ground.

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    Would it be too overpowered to make the traps last for their duration, instead of almost always breaking on damage? I would like to have at least some more time to whittle down a mob's morale before they come charging at me again.

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    I think so - and reducing the duration to solve the problem feels like performing two revamps only to get near the starting point.

    Also, Moors. Root potion makes initial trap you suggested worthless. On the other hand, lack of Root pot / cooldown means many creep classes just stand there while their players use /headdesk emote. Annoying part where creep player is locked for a while (old issue powerful CC caused anyway) aside, the very least that should be done is preventing high-end DPS and such long root duration to be stacked.

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    Trapper of Foes
    2: -50% trap skill induction
    3: -30s trap skill cooldown, -2m trap item cooldown, -x trap, rain of thorns, distracting shot, and bards arrow resist rating
    4:+10s pentrating shot cooldown, penetrating shot now roots the target for 20s, purge poison is fellowship wide

    Barbed Hindrance:
    Barbed arrow slow increased to 40% (enhanced by strength quick slot slow legacy), induction removed from barbed arrow, cd increased to 10s, scourging blow resets the cd instead removing the induction

    Sturdy Traps:
    -25% trap skill break chance on damage

    Combat Traps:
    Set trap skill may be used now in combat, set trap and set snare skill have separate cooldown

    Spring Loaded Traps:
    Trap skills place +7,5% incoming critical chance dbuff to the target, set snare slow increased to 60%

    Strong Intimidation:
    +5s Fear Duration
    -5% Fear resist chance

    Heightened Senses:
    Tracking skills range increased, hunter can track stealthed targets, -10% target ranged mitigation

    Heart of the Bard:
    Bards arrow now gives +25% incoming critical chance debuff to the target

    Stealthy Shot:
    Camuflage becomes normal stealth skill, so can be used on move, has 1min duration, and 45s cd, and 5s induction. The following skills will not break the stealth: Bard's Arrow, Distracting shot, Rain of Thorns, Set Trap, Item Traps.

    And it would make sense to change agilre rejonider to trigger on evade & resist, instead on parry, and making it stackable, with 25m range...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leri927 View Post
    Trapper of Foes
    Heightened Senses:
    Tracking skills range increased, hunter can track stealthed targets, -10% target ranged mitigation
    How often do hunters use this particular trait? Ive only used it a few times (mostly for deeds involving stealth monsters), and its never been extrodinarily useful for raids as far as i can tell. Anyone else have thoughts on this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devinish View Post
    How often do hunters use this particular trait? Ive only used it a few times (mostly for deeds involving stealth monsters), and its never been extrodinarily useful for raids as far as i can tell. Anyone else have thoughts on this?
    heightened senses trait is mostly used in ettenmors for tracking stealthed wargs.

    Back in mirkwood times they were must have in barad guldur raid, as if u not tracked stealthed wargs in that raid they tended to one-shoot people. (and the power cost reduction was really benefical on last bossfight)

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    Increase the potency of the available traps would be a start. There's a nice variety that do different things, but most are underwhelming except for the occasional root or slow, and even then aren't exceedingly useful. Trap "auras" much like lore-masters and/or defence debuffs like mentioned above can be viable options.

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    What do you mean by trap auras? Are they debuffing auras or something else?

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    I want to be able to "shape" the terrain before a fight starts. Think military combat engineers.

    For that I would reduce and unshare cooldowns on trap skills. If I want to lay 6 traps or whatever why not, as long as I am paying for it (in traps, and in not using other traitlines).

    I also think it's silly that a mob's ability to ignore a trap or break out is level dependent.

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    Take Set Trap and Set Snare off of shared timers.

    Make it either a Trait or a Yellow-line Bonus that upgrades Set Trap and Set Snare to Triple Trap and Triple Snare, Triple Trap being exactly like crafted but native, and Triple Snare being exactly like Blackarrow's Triple Snare but add an induction (That's right, Blackarrows don't induct for their Triple Snare)

    Add Ice Trap in some way, yanno, like that one Ranger uses in the Rift Rescue Skirmish for the boss fight? Give it heavy Ice Elemental damage with a Movement and Attack Speed debuff, and a chance to Freeze (Root) in place.

    Give us a Lure Trap that will affect ALL enemies, not just "non-sentient" ones, and make it effective.

    Give us an Explosive Trap, make it where the enemy running through is either Damaged (Gunpowder explosion) or Stunned/Dazed (Flash Explosion). We can already use Flash Explosions on our Arrows, why not stick it on a trap.

    Giving the Hunters some sort of pure damage trap, such as the Explosive Trap above, or some other...like a spike pit or something of the like would help with the overall DPS reduction Hunters are penalized with in Yellow-line.
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    We can make a roaring fire is seconds in the middle of a treeless frozen waistland, but we can't do someting as simple as put sharped sticks in the ground that can survive someone brushing a different stick in the middle of a forest?

    little kids playing with sticks: 1
    adults trying to hurt a group of enemies: 0

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    I would make the trap master class a healer and summoner

    Add pets
    Add a few powerful healing skills with long inductions
    add ability to stealth in combat and move around (and heal in stealth, (meele heal, i.e have to touch your fellowship member))
    greatly reduce damage that can be done


    - basically something crossed between a warg minstrel
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