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    Fishing Pole recipes

    Hello Crafters;

    I am recently keen again on fishing. It looks like my woodworker can only find the Yew and Lebrethon Fishing Pole recipes from the regular Woodworker NPC.

    Anybody recall or who make fishing poles, are there better ones? I got the crit on the Lebrethon so it has a +5 Fishing Skill bonus. Is there anything better?

    Thank you!

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    I'm pretty sure that is as high as you can go.

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    I don't believe that there is a recipe for fishing pole beyond the lebethron one.

    The only higher level poles I've seen are the Rohirric version (+8) that you can get from the Rep barter vendors in Rohan.

    It's bind on aquire, so you have to have the Rohan rep to get it.
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