So, I play on the server Landroval, I am the leader of a small kinship.

We have about 6 members, but we have various alts to keep it from being disband.

We all bought houses in the same neighborhood, and that got me thinking.

Would it be a good idea to have kin neighborhoods? Like if a kin wanted to own all the houses and kin houses in the neighborhood they could pay out a certain price? and this wouldn't just buy out that housing instance, it would create another one named after the kin.

Then they could have all the kin houses in the neighborhood, and the people could pick what houses they wanted, as long as a higher ranked person approved.

Also, say if a kin has bought houses and a Kin house in a neighborhood, they could pay the price for the rest of the houses and transferred to their own housing instance.

Just an idea, tell me what you think.