I have had the experience before of LOTRO rage quitting while I'm playing, but it is usually due to poor wi-fi connection. Now, however, I know I have good internet connection and it is rage quitting and messing up my screen. Yesterday it did this for the first time, and now it just did it a second time today. I am afraid it is going to hurt my computer but I want to keep playing LOTRO.

Basically what happens is that I am playing as usual, nothing special is happening, when the entire screen turns into random colored pixels. It will all be black, then grey with some pixels of green, then something like that, and I can't see anything except where my mouse is. The only reason I can see the mouse is because it creates a large, moving square of those same pixels. I still have the ability to click things, I just can't see where they are. Both times I shut off my computer and when I turned it back on it was alright again. The first time it happened after I quit the game, the second time it crashed to the desktop when it happened.

Like I said, I am worried that this is harming my computer and don't want anything to happen to it. I have a new MacBook Pro and the latest updated versions of OS X and of LOTRO. How can I stop this from happening? What does it mean and is it harmful?