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    Exclamation Help needed! (idiot) 2nd level Minstrel having a problem with a quest

    So, I started playing Lotro literally yesterday and I am finally starting to understand the basics of this game. Idk why did I chose being a minstrel, but, yeah, no turning back now (i really don´t want to play with another character). I am an elf too.

    This quest I am doing is called: "Training: A Minstrel´s Major Ballad", and I am suposed to talk with that lady that trains minstrels and go to the training menu and click to buy the major ballad....i went there probably 30 times and the major ballad is never there, available to train... can someone help me?

    (if not, can someone tell me if it is possible to quit a quest when we already started it?)


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    There are a couple different tabs, you might be looking at the wrong one. And you can definitely drop a quest. Click the ring icon on the bottom left of your screen and it will pull up all your current quests. You can right click the one you want to drop and then click "cancel". It might take a while before you can restart some quests, but for this one, it shouldn't be a problem.

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    first of all, you can find some hints on quest on that web http://lotro-wiki.com/

    second, i seem that quest its the one you need to hit the dummy with your new skill.

    my advice, go to your skill list (press "c" and go to "skills" label) find the ballad and hit the dummy with it. this should update the quest. im pretty sure you already learn the skill and didnt noticed.

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    I think you need this quest to continue with the storyline. the tabs thing is really the only thing I can think of. maybe you already learned it? and now you have to cast it against the training dummy.

    look at your quest tracker on the right side, for more details.

    you may not have enough coin to train it although it shouldn't be much a few coppers tops and you should have gotten that in the 1st quest.

    you can easily delete the character and start an easier class, hunter and champion are usually first picks. hunter has a lot of utility that makes them very good 1st class choices but they are a little squishy with not much healing available. champion does a lot of AoE damage that can take a lot of hits and a lot of emergency buttons.

    good luck and welcome to the game.
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    When you open your skills panel, on your character screen (second button from the right, I think), if you have the skill, you can drag it (holding down the left mouse button) to your tool bar so you can get to it easier. If you ever accidentally drag it off the tool bar, you can do it again.

    If you HAVE already picked up the skill, the ring over the trainer's head should be blue. If you haven't, it will be gold.

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    This quest has several stages: Speak with the trainer - buy the skill - hit the training dummy - speak with the trainer again.

    Hit K to open your skills tab and check if you already bought your skill. If you have find it in your panel, but it's not in your hotbars, you can drag&drop it into a free slot.

    Hit L to open your questlog and check on which stage exactly you are.

    Have a look at your quest tracker. It usually gives at least a hint what exactly to do.
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    I hope you had success training your new skill and adding it to your bar... When you have it where you want it on your toolbar or quickslot bar, always Lock the stuff on the bars in place by hitting shift Q. Then you won't drag your precious skills off the bar while fighting. (You can unlock- Shift Q-again to drag food, skills mounts on to your bars as needed.)

    There are keymaps/keybindings available in your UI if you want to play with or just see the other defaults.

    Also I'd suggest enabling skill target forwarding in your combat options. Then you can heal 'through the boss' to whatever is attacking it, including yourself. Play with these combat options as you get used to your playstyle.

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    I could be wrong about this, but you may need to whack the training dummy with your sword first before being able to use Major Ballad on it. I am fairly certain that Major Ballad can only be used in combat. So, right-click on the training dummy to attack it, and then use Major Ballad. It should be in your skill bar and it has a treble clef on it.
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    Perhaps you would do better with a melee toon for your first run through LOTRO - so you can learn the ropes of the game with a character whose skills are more straight forward - 2nd level isn't really a lot of time invested - and you spent more time on this one quest then some spend getting through the entire starter region.

    I would say do your self a favor and re-roll to a Guardian - get to know the feel of the game and all the little aspects and then later you can play a more advance character.

    Besides the synergy between a Guardian and a Minstrel is probably the most important in this game and any would-be minstrel (or guard) would do well to understand the game from the others perspective.

    Minstrels are very weak (squishy) and depend on a good understanding of their skills - the game - and the mechanics to survive.

    Guardian are hearty - almost unkillable (on landscape quests) and the skills are pretty straight forward - hit things with a sword or block hits with a board...

    other wise - check your skills tab for the skill and make sure you slot the skill in your quickbars (drag the icon of the skill from your skills tab to a free slot in your quickbar) and then target the dummy and click the skill in your quickbar to activate it.... A lot of these quests are dependent on reactive skills and that is what they are trying to teach you here - though I cant remember if the mini's quest is this way - but I bet it is..

    a reactive skill is a skill that only becomes active to use after another skill or condition has transpired - so read the quest objective carefully and make sure you use all the skills or steps in the description to activate the desired skill

    for example you might have to hit the dummy with another skill a few times until the skill you want to use lights up... then hit the lit up skill.

    if that doesnt help then the LOTRO wiki: http://lotro-wiki.com is a great resorce for new and old players - just go to the minstrel page - or even the page for the name of the quest you are on and get some tips....

    Good luck
    Re-roll to a guard -
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