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    Imladris Archivist

    Looking for a leisure, casual and friendly kinship? Imladris Archivist wants you! We are a lifespan rank 10 small scale kinship which only have up to 40 members, but most of us are kind and friendly which you will enjoy chatting with!

    We accept anyone regardless to its level/class/race. We are not that type of kin which only accepts level cap players. We also have kind leader/officers which will help out our kinship members in anything like quests and items. We don't force people to be online everyday, but at least get into the game once for a week!

    Our main activity is questing and chatting. Most of us are still working on our levels and try to get as high as possible. Besides, we have a big and beautiful kinship house, and the storage chest is free for all so you can deposit/withdraw items into/from the chest, but don't be too greedy and take all the items from the chest! We are also planning to make auction sales once a week. (It is still under discussion)

    Our playtime is kinda late, as our officers live in the far east. Most of our playtime is server time 12am until 6am. So, you may join us if you suit our playtime!

    What makes our kinship looks special is, we often run instances/raids which is rarely seen in this server. (e.g Carn Dum, Urugath, Barad Gularan, The Rift, low level Annuminas, sch/lib and Helegrod) The instances we run are depend on my level. We are not the big and famous kinship which only run 85 level instances among themselves.

    I'm still working to reach level 50 as soon as possible. If you're interested in joining this kinship, please pst or message me (Hirider) or our officers (Arvieal or Ornduin). We hereby sincerely hope that you would join us in the fun.


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    Maryland, United States of America
    Your kinship sounds wonderful compared to many other kinships I have seen on the server. Goodluck! I will have to keep you guys in mind for whenever my kinship strikes Helegrod and Rift :P




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