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    Question New Captain How do you get a herald/pet?

    Hi guys I'm new to the game and the captain class I decided to go with the captain because it seemed a well rounded play as I couldn't decided what to go for but im now lvl 11 and there's still no option at my trainer to train this skill?? or is obtained a different way than the loremaster gains his/hers pets?

    And I decided to go with the historian crafting vocation was that a right choice?

    Thanks for your time to help out a noob.

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    Keep trucking, by 20 you should have a war herald.
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    It should be available at level 10. Which trainer are you talking to? I think the ones in Archet (and the other starting areas) have a limited skill selection. Try going to a major hub like Bree, Celondim, or Thorin's Hall.
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