So I know you're probably had some kins advertised to you on here, but this one is seriously awesome. It's a rank 7 Kin with a sweet kin house obviously. We have over 315 members in game and 44 registered members on our website. Approximately 150--180 members are "active"--aka log on at least every five days. We have a facebook, twitter and a website and have character levels ranging from the lowest of the low all the way up to level cap. Very helpful group--will craft items for you as well as help with quests and such. Have organized kin events such as raids, kin parties, skirmishes, recruiting parties, all the fun stuff.
Send a /tell in game to Jontur, Bairrd, Lendiel, Nuttote, Ldubb, Strongsteel, Kupid, or Turmacil. Remember, on the Dwarrowdelf server. If you wanna check out our website, the address is Name is Servants of the Secret Fire.