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    Tier 2 Captain Erebor gear?

    So after viewing the 4-piece set of the Captain Charge Erebor gear I'm considering going 4 charge and 2 perseverance moors set. I think I'll be traiting 5R/2B with the set, this way I'll be able to use oathbreakers shame more often and supply more DPS to the raid while still being able to off heal with the higher crit chance with devastating and pressing attack. Swap out a legacy on my emblem to get the - Shadow's Lament Cooldown to allow even more oathbreakers.

    For those of you who don't know, the 4-piece set on the captains charge gear is:
    Shadow's lament has a chance to reset the cooldown on Oathbreakers Shame. This effect cannot occur more than 1m 30s. +10% Shadows lament damage.

    I intend to do hardcore endgame raiding with this set and I'm looking to be a support/ off healing captain. Thoughts? Suggestions?

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    I feel like it's a decent setup, but I think the 10% bonus damage from the Moors Command set will add more DPS to your raid in general, and more reliably as well. Since the Command set doesn't stack on the same mob (as far as I'm aware), it'd be a good set to use for the captain in the group who doesn't have Command.
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