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    Is guild reputation lost or stored until you unlock a guild?

    My guild reputation is locked (at 20k/20k) until i pay 295 TPs, but i can still use [Small Expert Pattern][Large Master Pattern] etc, is the reputation gained stored (for when i buy tailor guild access) or lost?

    A GM answered me, but I don't think he understood correctly:
    03/16/13 08:09 AM greetings Skaeldin. Your guild reputation should not be 'locked'. You should always be able to increase you guild reputation. The In-Game Support team can assist with this issue, however, as we cannot affect your ability to gain reputation. We recommend that you take a moment to submit a formal bug report by typing /bug. Be sure to fully review the information at the top of the bug report form to understand how bug reports are handled. - +

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    Before I unlocked my guild access, I believe I had some extra rep from the last large guild item I used. If I recall correctly, they did give me that extra rep when I unlocked it. From this, I would expect that it remembers what rep you have 'extra', over the 20k/20k. I never used other guild items until I unlocked the access though...

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    as far as I can remember reputation is stored. when you hit 160,000 points (in total) you will be grand master of the guild and at that point all reputation items cannot be activated any more - it is the highest standing within the guild. however you have to spend TP or just subscribe for a month to unlock this title (Grand master of the guild).

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    From personal experience as a ftp player (at least now): it's stored. I leveled at least one full rank on my woodwooker and several on my cook when I finally bought access to the guild. So, basically, it works like LI xp, it's stored, but you're unable to progress/use higher tier stuff until you unlock it - in this case by buying guild access.

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