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    Does Gut Punch still shorten animation?

    Is the oft quoted advice about hitting Gut Punch after a skill with a long animation still valid?

    The advice everyone gives is that if you do something like Thrash then immediately hit Gut Punch then the longer three-part Thrash animation gets replaced by the shorter one-part GP animation. I spent ten minutes (maybe longer, I ended up with over 100 feathers :-) ) testing this out and did not get that result.

    Fighting against Pollys eagles as they don't do much damage and with default attacks turned off, I found that Thrash followed by GP is exacly the same animation as Thrash on its own. Same applies to Ravage. In both cases I get a three strike animation.

    It does mean that GP is essentially 'free' and the next skill can be applied immediately but it is not the effect everyone is describing. To summarise - What I see from Thrash+GutPunch+Ravage is two three-part attacks.

    I can't comment on how it was before the update because I only started Monster Play a week ago (and spent my whole week away from work just playing all day to get up to Level 5 Not healthy!)

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    Went on my Reaver after a break this morning and I can confirm it is still working.

    Are you sure you're using them both fast enough to make the difference? Takes a bit of practice to perfect it mind you, but it's rather easy once you do. Also if you're new to your Reaver got a small guide you can check out in my signature, a bit outdated since I haven't played Reaver much lately but it does the job I think

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    This could be due to one or two things which may be affecting the outcome.

    1. You may be lagging, this happens to me sometimes and it can cause gut punch not to take place until the very end of the animation.

    2. You may not be hitting it fast enough for it to cut off the animation. The timing is fairly precise.

    I can confirm that it does work though, just takes a little practice (or less lag) in order to get it to work.

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    It works yeah, sometimes you might lag like stated above or be out of range (slowed) or if you tend to move alot, not line of sight.

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    Works fine for me. Probs a lag thing if its not stopping the animation.
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