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    Elf player seeks home

    I'm not one to mince my words on forums so here it is:

    Looking for mid-heavy RP without too much pressure being put on me to know the in's-and-out's of The Silmarillion (got about half way through that chore of a book)
    Preferably something with a militaristic bent but without being the Gondolin Marine Corps.
    Also it needs to lean more towards Elves than other races.
    Most importantly of all a kinship where I can have fun prentending to be a millenia old, pointy-eared guy.

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    Hi there Vlad

    Here are a few suggestions which might help you which i pulled from a post made by a friend Daerundros:-

    Vanimar - An Elven kin based out of Rivendell and comprised of a mostly Noldor house. I've met many wonderful RPers there.

    Laiquendi Order - One of the Oldest kinships I know and have been in. The Laiquendi Order is one of the most friendly kins I've known. It's got quite a bit of history as well.

    Warband of Imladris - a Dual-race Kinship of Man and Elf, based in Rivendell. They have been around many years now and roleplay a varied type of characters in service to the Council of Rivendell. The Warband's leaders, Khalis and Elisbeth, are some of the nicest folks around here and are very helpful.

    Loth-i-Lonnath - Effectively translated as "Flower of the Havens", a military Kinship based out of Ered Luin. Their leader, Curugirion, is a kind and helpful person and is talented in art along with Aearandir. Both have done wonderful paintings of the kinship, and the members of the kinship themselves are friendly, helpful and sociable.

    Of course there are others and if you google Laurelin Archives that is also a great place to look. Also feel free to send me an IM in game.



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