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    Thumbs up Join Whispers of Hope Today (Crickhollow) Info Version

    Whispers of Hope is a rank 7 (almost 8) kin that really needs new members i have the money for a kin house but i didn't buy one because i dont have the members yet because sadly almost every member i invited doesnt play anymore sooo thats why i need new members i want to make Whispers of Hope a big prospering kin but i cant make it a big prospering kin unless i get more members sooo help me out and join Whispers of Hope Today also i should add that i want to make Whispers of Hope a Social, Helping, Advice Giving, Crafting, and instance and skirmishing kin i havent really tried Roleplaying myself but if you teach me how a roleplaying kin too Contact Arwensia or any of my chars Roxor, Roxygingerz, Thorthor, Buckstin, or Arrowdon if you want to join if you have any questions post them in this thread or send your question In-Game by mail to one of my chars and if you want to join say your char name in this thread or by In-Game mail to one of my chars sooo join Whispers of Hope today!!!!!! You can help me make Whispers of Hope Grow and Prosper and i of course will be very thankful

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    if you want to join i and you want to mail me In-Game i recommend mailing Arwensia out of any of my chars because i am on her most of the time



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