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    Planning for 85.....

    My LM has only 3 levels before cap, and I am starting to think of gear and traits

    What top 5 stats should I be focusing on for PvMP at cap? And what traits would be best for mostly solo but still be able to provide group buff/enemy debuff if on the off chance I decide to group?

    I leveled her so fast that I am still learning a good rotation... lol... but on the bright side I almost have "The Keeper of Animals" and "Master of Nature's Fury" lines done. "The Ancient Master" still has a ways to go.

    Anyways, the changes they made to stats confuse me so I'm not quite sure what I should be focusing on now. Thank you for any help you can give
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    I'd recommend getting 2 Eomer vitality earrings; 113 vit, 400 some morale, and some power and crit too. These will increase your survivability quite a bit... Armor wise, hytbold animal friend is good, and the 2 set bonus from the moors storm armor (+10 fire dmg) is nice to have....
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    How can anybody plan an end game build right now with Turbine changing core stat functions and yet more sweeping changes promised over the course of the next year? At the moment perhaps sitting on a wallet full of all varieties of game currency may be the only way to plan for the future.

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    Go for physical mitigation virtues. After that, max +health ones. You can easily cap tactical mitigation without virtues, and creeps don`t have too manty dangerous tactical attacks to begin with. Stack vitality - 8k HP is definitely not enough.
    As far as armor goes - get 2 hytbold animal-friend and 4 moors for audacity (I`d go with storm-caller). Don`t neglect finesse - it`s about the only thing that really matters when you`re grouping as a support.
    From The Keeper of Animals you`ll need at least Healer and Dúnadan-learning. Sometimes in group you`ll need to swap one of them to Light of Hope or Proof against All Ills, so get those too. Master of Nature's Fury and The Ancient Master - get all traits there, esp. capstones... OK, you can skip Awareness of Body and The Study of Wind-lore if you really need to - but better not. Make a habit of swapping your traits constantly, depending on where you are going and what you are going to face there.
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