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    Store Sales web page: March 15th - 21st

    Hello Everyone,

    We took all the feedback that you provided back in January and we’ve incorporated it into this week’s Sales Landing page which you can find here (http://archive.lotro.com/lotrostoresale/)

    Feel free to leave us some feedback regarding the page itself!

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    I like this new format very much!

    It's a little less cluttered than before, but I can still get a detailed description by moving my mouse over the item.

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    It looks pretty slick.

    I still think we could use a link to several screenshots for each steed available.

    On the QPs, I would appreciate a list of which zones, and their prices, without having to enter the game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nakiami View Post
    On the QPs, I would appreciate a list of which zones, and their prices, without having to enter the game.
    Additionally, the quest pack page (http://archive.lotro.com/lotrostores...re-quest-packs) still shows the full price.

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    Thanks Turbine!

    Thank you so much for all the improvements already! The level information, store location, etc. makes navigating and buying items so much easier for me as I am a new player. Thanks again!


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    what i would like to know (since i haven't been able to loig in the game yet) which questpacks are on sale only sub lvl 62 (the lothlorien qp) or also the ones above (great river, enedwaith...) since that isn't too clear from the sale...
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    Quote Originally Posted by QuartermasterU View Post
    Feel free to leave us some feedback regarding the page itself!
    For me, this covers all the important bits: I get to see what's on sale without needing to log into the game, and I get an overview of all the items that are on sale even if I already own them myself.

    I'm not quite sure about the 'info-on-hover' thing yet; I don't usually like hover-based stuff (sometimes they simply won't trigger) but since I'm not interested in the info for most of these items (I'm already familiar with them) it is kind of convenient to not have it clutter up the page...

    All-in-all, I'm really happy to once again have a real Sales overview page, so I'm happy with it!

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    T6RPK coupon is not working

    It states "The code you entered is not valid"

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    Hi Tupal,
    If you're still having this issue with the coupon, please make another thread so we can review the issue. This thread is intended for feedback regarding the new page layout for sales and promotions.

    Also check our Coupon guide: http://archive.lotro.com/lotrostores...e-coupon-guide

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    One bit of feedback I forgot to mention is that when individual mounts are on sale, it would be nice if the banner for it had a link to the LOTRO Store Exclusive Steeds page. (I know there's a link just to the left already, but this would make it more obvious.)

    Some of the steeds don't have details and screenshots listed on that page either. (For example, the Steed of Nightwood which is currently on sale.) Right now, it's kind of like advertising a car and only showing the hood.

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    I was surprised (in a positive way) to see its format to be changed. As others have mentioned above, a bit more elaboration would be nice, so saying Isengard and Rohan is not available in this sale, or including photos if cosmetics are on sale, would be nice.

    But anyway, good job
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