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    Advice regarding book replacement

    Hi folks,

    I just finally reached 85 with my Lore-master and am hoping to get started, for the first time with any toon, with PvP and Raids.

    I have already upgraded to a lvl 85 SA Staff, but am not finding it very easy to upgrade my book. I currently have a lvl 65 SA book exactly the way I want it and am wondering if I should just keep it. Any thoughts?

    Also I see a lot of end game Lore-masters out there with huge amounts of vitality... is that where I should put my focus while gathering up armor and jewelry?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance

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    Heal is an important part of LMs job at lvl85, and u cant heal efficiently with ur lvl65 book. About the legacies when u decon a LI u get 1 legacy out of it. So far i am certain u deconned loads of em. If u havent, start doin it now. When u have ur legacies switch to a SA lvl85. But really a LM should have 3 books ready at all times.

    About Morale. It depends. Say i am traited red, that means i will want loads of will(tact mastery) and crit bonus for my attacks to have effect. Thus my morale will be lower. If i trait yellow though, my dmg output will suck either way. so i can drop my will some to gain more morale.

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    You will want to write down what you have on that book and decon it and use the xp rune to decon more books. Previous poster is correct about healing being an important ability at 85.

    Reserve judgement on where you need to focus until you have your two basic armor sets, hytbold and one of the moors sets you buy with commendations. You might have more vitality and morale than you would think at that point.

    Some jewelry is hitting the ah now that is worth taking a look at.



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