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    T7 Recipe Drop Rate?

    Over the last couple of weeks I have been running a couple of characters around Dunland. Not only have I found the recipe drop rate to be very low (and repetitive) overall, but I have found no tailor recipes *whatsoever*.

    Is this just bad luck on my part, or has anybody else had similar issues?

    I know they are available in the Store. However, I have no interest in obtaining them from there.
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    There are not many recipes for the tailor in that tier to begin with. 2 recipes are men of dunland rep-bound. A lvl 70 armour and cloak. You'll only find recipes for shoulder, legs, feet and gloves out there and only one a piece. Check the AH for recipes you still need and don't worry about finding them. I found a recipe I did not have after getting my 5th character through there.



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