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    Where to find iron and gold in Moria?

    Could someone give advice on the best places to look for Khazad iron and gold in Moria? I've been through the Great Delving, Zelem-melek, Durin's Way and the Silvertine Loads and haven't found a single iron or gold deposit--just copper and tin. Does it just not spawn in those areas? Which of the other areas am I most likely to find it? This character is 56, so lower level is better!

    TIA for your assistance!

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    Dimrill Dale, Foundations of Stone, the crafting instance in Redhorn Lodes
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    The iron and gold deposits do only spawn in the higher level half of Moria, alas. The crafting instances are great for mining (you find them off the Redhorn Lodes), but the Redhorn Lodes themselves are also pretty good for nodes (that's the area with the Orc Watch encampment above it, and the entrance to the Grand Stair instance).
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    You can find all 4 ores in the Redhorn Lodes. I believe that's the first place where you start finding the Khazad Iron and Gold in Moria.
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    I'm a relatively new player and this is my first time through Moria. Could one of you explain what a 'crafting instance' is?

    And thanks for the information, it sounds like the Redhorn Lodes is the way to go. (I've heard that the Foundations of Stone is very rough to get around, so I'll wait on that until he's higher level.)


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    Quote Originally Posted by Nakiami View Post
    Hmm, well, *that's* new.

    Thank for the info, I'll be sure to look for that when I hit the Redhorn Lodes.



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