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    Oathbreaker versus new 85th lvl Heralds

    Can't remember if the new Heralds have 80th or 85th lvl Tailor items now, but when I slot it, it seems to have more armour than the Oathbreaker. Does this mean the Oathbreaker is not as good anymore? Is there anything I can't see (only plus armor, morale and power is viewable by me...I could be missing something though) that would make the Oathbreaker a better choice?

    P.S. Yeah, I know people like banners better, but when I'm soloing I don't like the hassle of remembering to plant it each time and the visual of my man-at-arms is cool for me.

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    Can't check, but did you pick up the "new" armaments of the oath-bound?

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    No, didn't know that there was one. I'll get it next time I log on. Thanks! But I'm also curious whether the Oathbreaker has any inherent advantages with armor, morale, power all being equal. More damage, more mitigation or anything for it other than a visual look?

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    The Oathbreaker Herald just means you're a MoW captain. So if youre a HoH/LoM captain you cant use the Oathbreaker Herald. But...I believe that the "ghosty" has higher morale. Not positive though because i mostly use banners.

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    I do know that the ghost herald has a bit more armor on it's armaments than the level 80 ones....

    Other than that, I believe that they are functionally identical, making the choice effectively cosmetic.
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    If my memory is working correctly the Oathbreaker pet is a signature level pet whereas the regular armament pets are normals. This should mean better defenses such as b/p/e and mitigations and probably more morale. Don't forget that it should also mean the Oathbreaker pet has at least some crit defense that the normal pet won't.



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