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    [EVENT] Fashion week - Dwarven style! 16 March at 14:00 ST - win up to 3000TP!!

    An overview of the scheduled activities

    All events At the Thorin's Ale Hall (Festival Arena)

    Opening of the events by Lord Duinn of Durin's Folk and Lord Kandral of Khuzd Belkul - start at 14:00 ST March 16th. The opening includes plenty of ales, food and music for all. And allows those that wish to enter the events to sign up with the officials by 14:30 at the latest.

    Beard of the Year 14:30 ST – All good men and dwarves (be it dwarrow lads or lasses)… in short, all that sport a beard are welcomed for this event. The winner will not only win a grand prize in gold coins, he/she will also be bestowed with the grand title: “Beard of the Year Winner”. [This is a RP event where the contestants have to show of their beard to a group of judges. They not only need to show off their beard but in addition need to answer the questions from the judges (and prepare a story why they have opted for such a beard style).

    Best in Armour 15:00 ST – Show of your finest set of armour and win a load of gold!

    Best Jester 15:30 ST – Have a funny outfit in your closet ? Now’s the time to wear it…. Make the judges laugh and win a load of gold!

    Wrapping up the day with plenty of ales, tales, riddles and music at the Festival Arena. The gold coins (5 Gold for each winner) are donated by Durin’s Folk and Khuzd Belkul to the winners. Plus prizes donated by Turbine - including 1000TP for each category, circlets and Landscape Soldier tokens.
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    Congratulations to:
    - Kveltrild - Beard of the year
    - Bolgundur - Best in armour
    - Wimeric - Best Jester

    And a big thank you to all who attended.
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