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Thread: Class Traits

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    Class Traits

    Since the beginning of the game, players have been limited to 5 then 7 class traits; normally forcing then to choose between 4 of one color and 3 of another (or 5 for the Moria traits). This is of course due to the fact Turbine doesn't want players having 4 in more than a single class color. What I suggest will remove this problem and add a large amount of customization to the classes thus giving larger berth for Turbine to add additional advancement.

    First, there is currently 3 class color traits, red; yellow; and blue. The simple solution would be to have the first two color sets be adjusted for the classes primary and secondary roles. Red for Primary and Yellow for Secondary. IE: Champion would be Red for DPS and Yellow for Tanking.

    Now, the Blue traits will be removed as main "Class" trait line and instead will have its own slots, for now will call them "Bonus Perks". These Blue perks are learned via Skill Deeds and will contain abilities that complement gameplay. IE: sprinting, porting, etc etc etc, (variant on class).
    At 20, 50, and 85, a bonus slot will open allowing for an additional blue bonus perk to be slotted. Turbine can increase this amount of slots per need/expansion. More blue perks could be added to earn from quests, other forms of Deeds, class quests, whatnot.

    Being limited to 7 since Moria has created a stagnate feeling to class customization. I feel this could change it enough to make it fresh while not changing the system so much that it becomes unfamiliar to the player base.

    Naturally there would be changes to existing skill colors, but nothing some hard work could not resolve such as adjusting Champion's current Red and Yellow line to less separate the classes primary DPS role into two instead of 1 as it should be.

    If 3 color sets are just "required" in the game today, a 4th color can be created, say Green, to serve as the perk slots and existing skill traits that fit into its idea can be converted and new added as well.

    This is all just summary, breaking down per class, etc is possible but the general idea is conveyed here.
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