The Kinship Company Of Rohan is Recruiting!

The Kinship Company Of Rohan is recruiting. All levels and races are welcome to join. We are brothers and sisters in arms. We are looking for more brave warriors like yourself to fill our ranks.

Want to know some about it? Its Rohan themed, lifespan rank 7, over 50 members. Has a kinship house and a website.

We value every member. Every sword, axe and bow. All races and levels are welcome. We are a sort of family of brave and courages warriors. Brothers and sisters in arms. If you need help with anything, deeds, quest, crafting, skirmishes, instances and so on we will help. Just ask, as I said we are a family and families help each other.


Note: If you join the website above means you join the kinship because the website is for the kinship and potential kinship members. Your free to look around and read about the kinship. But if you dont want to join the kinship then dont join the website.

Server: Firefoot

Kinship Leader&Founder:Ederon

Second in command: Lanarad.

To Join:

If you want to join just send a mail ingame to either myself/Ederon or Lanarad. Or you can send a pm on this site to me or just comment on this post.

Dont wait another second. Join The Company Of Rohan today.

Good journeys and fight well.