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    Looking for resource

    Is anyone aware of a place I can find brief write-ups explaining the raids and instances available at the current max level in Lotro?

    I realize I could look most of it up Tolkien's works, but I am doing my best to be lazy.

    I essentially would like to remind myself why I am about to attempt to complete a zone/instance/raid.

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    Hmm, good question. I haven’t seen anything on how raid / instance content fits into Tolkien’s works. TBH, I think the vast majority of it is embellishment by Turbine on areas where Tolkien didn’t spell things out in detail.

    One good resource I have seen on how LOTRO fits within Tolkien’s works is the Beneath Your Feet series recently started by Shipwreck at the Casual Stroll To Mordor blog. The focus is more per zone than per instance. So far it’s covered Dol Goldur, East Rohan, and the Ettenmoors. Check it out:
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    Sorry, the raids and instances aren't lore-related.
    In fact, most of them blatantly go against lore. (Brand dying at the ford for example, or the Moria/Mirkwood instances)
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