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    Pros & Cons of crafting guilds

    I have two alts, an Armourer and a Tinker, that I'll soon need to decide which guild they should join.

    I saw a comment in another thread about how much easier it is to do guild rep recipes if you have control over materials acquisition, and I can certainly see the logic in that, especially for my Armourer.

    If I choose that way, it means I'd join the Metalsmith and Jeweller guilds, and skip the Tailor and Cook guilds for now. Before I make the leap, I just wanted to check if there are any compelling reasons to go with Tailor or Cook instead that I haven't thought of.

    For what it's worth, I do have Farmer and Forester alts that can provide Tailor/Cook materials if necessary, though I can certainly see it would be less convenient to have to send materials around.

    I'd appreciate any insights or assistance!

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    Well, from your sig I see one of your characters is a Guardian, who uses heavy armor. Don't know what armor type your second character is, but since your signature shows guardian I'll assume it's your main or most played character. So, the choice between Metalsmith and Tailor is very simple. First you will be able to make guilded armor and shields, and second you will be able to make legendary guardian belts, I believe, as well as relics giving might bonuses. You will also be able to create Legendary captain emblems to help other players and alts.

    for the Jeweler, apart from nice guilded jewelry, you will be able to make champion runes, both standard and legendary, as well as Runekeeper stones. I believe the stat bonus on crafted relics are Will.

    Never got far in cooking, so I can't say what benefits you'll get from guilding that though.
    Hope this helps!

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    one of the things I would say about Cooks guild, especially if you have a farmer to supply them, is that it is very very easy to level all the way to Eastemnet, and "Grand Master" of the guild.
    Being a member of the cooks guild allows you access to "crafted Relics" and whilst the relics themselves might be nothing great, the ability to de construct them helps you rack up your shards to spend on other things in the Melding screen.
    I log my cook on every day to do the crafted relics.

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    I agree completely with the advice you were given. When I first started playing, I had an armourer I put in the tailors guild and a historian I put in the weaponsmiths guild. My reasoning was that I had more light/medium armor wearers than heavy, and weapons seemed more useful than anything I could make with the scholar at the time. I got them both up to expert level and got so tired of having to switch characters to get materials, I accepted the loss of progression they had made and put them into the metalsmiths and scholars guild respectively. Each crafting option really only has 1 viable guild option that won't result in you having to constantly swap characters or make frequent trips to the auction house.

    The other issue I had, was that I'd have to make another armourer to be able to join the metalsmiths guild and another historian in order to join the scholars guild. No other crafting options offered these. I now have a grandmaster in each guild with the exception of cooking and weaponsmiths (which are progressing), and I don't regret making that change.
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    Thanks for the replies, everyone! You all made great points.

    To Vikverjar, yes, that's right, my main is a guardian, and the Armourer alt is a champion, so both of them can use heavy armor. And since I have a RK as well as my champ, having a Jeweller to craft rune-stones and champion runes would be extremely helpful as well.

    Manegrod, thanks for the benefit of your experience, I do enough material swapping now, so I can see that having to do it for guild rep as well would be a real pain. And great point about needing to create another Armourer if I want an alt in the Metalsmith's guild. I certainly have other options for Tailor if I decide I need it.

    All in all, it sounds like Metalsmith/Jeweller is the way to go; fortunately I have Weaponsmith, Scholar and Woodworker covered already with other alts.

    Thanks again!



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