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    [Found a fix!] Can't get in the game: "Searching for logon server, attempt 1/20..."

    So I was in the middle of Inn of the Forsaken instance and I started experiencing some graphics glitches. (Anyone who's done this instance will know that one thing you cannot do is stumble around blindly). So I restarted the client hoping that would fix the issue. I logged in in the launcher fine, but then I started receiving the following message: "Searching for logon server, attempt 1/20..." It would get to 20/20 and tell me to quit as it failed.

    Following some reading, I restarted the client several times, I restarted my computer, I restarted the router, I flushed dns... What gives? Is there anything else I can possibly try? Why is this happening all of a sudden, if I've never had this issue before?

    I'm trying to get on Laurelin.
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    If anyone else runs into this problem, I found a solution here: http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.p...til-next-crash

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    Glad it worked.
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