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    Contacting turbine via skype

    So im having issues with my vanished vip, and inability to reinstate it through myaccount@turbine.com ,


    I rang this number through skype as im in the uk, sadly due to skype being "improved" by microsoft, its dial tones are no longer understood by certain automated services, so selecting 1 for lotro after dialing turbine support does not work.

    Anyone else got a work around for this... Or another number that bypasses automated number to get to account/billing humans?

    id be very greatful, ty.

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    I've run into this problem a lot when traveling. I have a tone generator. I small box that I hold up to the mike. I press buttons to make the US specific Dual Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF) tones that USA systems expect. Some people can sing these tones.

    Without one of these capabilities, you will have to hold the line. Hope that the system will eventually roll you to a human because you did not enter any numbers. At least in the USA, there are till people with rotary phones. Their phones can not sing (make DTMF) tones. None of these systems support pulse dialing or hook flashes.

    You could try (617-)776-2913. That should be the main number for Turbine. Ask the operator to transfer you to Lotro Customer Service without going thru the automated system. Unfortunately when making this kind of request, it is difficult to get the operator to understand why you need to bypass the automated system. Typically it is against corprorate policy. The operator may not know the correct number. It may not the corporate phone list. It is buried inside the automated system.

    A lot times when I have been traveling. Called the main number. I get transferred to the 800 (free number which sometimes can not be called outside the USA because they do not accept calls from the entire world) and get dropped again. Or hung with a system that requires numbers to be entered or the system disconnects you.
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    I've just skyped them from the UK about this. When you get through on that number, a dial pad icon appears at the bottom of the Skype window. I used that to press 1 and got through and it's hopefully been sorted, although they weren't too optimistic that next month's points would be added...

    Hope you can get through

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    tyvm yula the mighty, that makes sense, im sure i can get some sort of tone device maybe if im real lucky i can find some sort of skype app to do it for me. it is just repeating when i ring still so no luck on passing that way.. i shall continue to try and get through... ty for the additional number

    Edit: newest version of skype has fixed the dial tone error

    the polite folk at turbine fixed me. i would highly recommend anyone in uk or not in usa go through skype to talk to them, much faster than tickets, and helped me straight away
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